Battle of the Arctic

This week  global classes 3b and 3c, along with two global classes (2a and 3c) from Risskov Gymnasium participated in a camp on “The Battle of the Arctic” at Rungsted Gymnasium. The students were filled in on the “Danish Strategies & Challenges in the Arctic” by military scientist Johannes Riber Nordby from FAK (Forsvarsakademiet) & later studied the various countries who have economic, cultural or strategic interests in the Arctic in mixed groups. After all the hard academic work, they did an “Arctic Run” in Rungsted and about answering questions on the Arctic & returning selfies from various posts.

After dinner, “Operation Dagsværk” gave an introduction to the living conditions and challenges that Greenlandic youths face, followed by a Q&A session where the Risskov and Rungsted students had to discuss possible ways to help make Greenlandic youngsters move forward by raising awareness about the current problems many young people face in Greenland.

Lecturer and Secretary General for the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association, Dr. Lars Bangert Struwe on Day 2 gave a very interesting talk on “The Arctic as a new International Battlefield” which gave the participants a very nuanced picture of the present day “Scramble for the Arctic”.

After participating in “roleplays”/bilateral meetings, representing the major countries with an interest in the Arctic, select students gave speeches on “their” strategic position and interests in the Arctic region in a grand “Arctic Conference”.

The day ended with the students doing & presenting creative tasks: sketches, homepages, raps, posters, folders, films etc.

The Risskov and Rungsted students all worked really hard and have learned a lot about “the top of the world”, the possible conflict scenarios that might arise from the increased interest in this region & have built bridges and friendships across Denmark and the North Atlantic.