Chemistry B

In Chemistry B you will learn about the main concepts and experimental working methods of chemistry. Furthermore, this subject will give you an understanding of the structure of substances and chemical reactions.

The study line Chemistry B provides knowledge of methods of natural sciences and concepts within the field of chemistry. By examining and describing the properties and reactions of various substances to various matter, new substances with new properties can be developed.

You will gain knowledge of the connection between the structures of various substances and their chemical and physical properties, and you will learn about the application of these substances technologically and in everyday life.

This study line teaches you to carry out calculations on simple chemical experiments on a qualitative basis. You will also learn how to carry out simple chemical experiments based on well-known methods, and to express the results orally as well as in written.

This study line offers a.o. the following range of subjects:

  • The structure of substances, including a.o. the periodic table of the elements, and chemical bonds related to the structure of substances
  • Measurement of quantities in relation to reaction schemes and chemical solutions
  • Knowledge of substances, including their application
  • Chemical reactions, including chemical balance, acid-base reactions and reaction velocity
  • Experimental work involving a.o. qualitative and quantitative analyses, chemicals and safety

Supplementary topics will be included in the lectures, among these subjects related to your everyday life and topics of current interest.

You will be working with information technology, for instance in connection with collecting data and keeping a log of your experiments.