History A

In History A you will learn about the historical periods that have taken place in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world. Furthermore, you will learn about the social structures that characterized these periods.

History A provides knowledge of key events and lines of development in Danish, European and world history. You will also gain insights into your own cultural background and those of other cultures.

You will become skilled at collecting and organizing information on and of the past and at taking a methodical/critical stance at historical events.

The core substance of History A deals with:

  • Main lines of Danish, European and world history from Antiquity up till now
  • Changes of conditions of life, technology and production throughout the ages
  • Various forms of governance and society organizations
  • Cultures and culture meetings in European and world history
  • Formation of states and nations, including Denmark
  • National, regional and global conflicts and co-operative relations
  • Political and social revolutions
  • Democracy, human rights and equal rights in a national and global perspective
  • Political ideologies, including the ideology struggle during globalization in the 20th century

The lessons include a wide range of modes of learning, such as for instance lectures, class discussions, individual work, group work, and project work.