Innovation C

Innovation C provides a basic knowledge of practical and theoretical innovation. Furthermore, you will learn how to work creatively with idea generation and concept development within companies and organizations.

In the Innovation C course you will learn how to account for basic innovation concepts and business models and how to apply creative techniques to develop ideas and methods for evaluating business concepts.

This subject is the second highest degree of specialist competence attainable in upper secondary education.

You will learn how to use a business plan as a management tool when starting up your own business, and you will gain relevant basic knowledge on teams and the role of team members.

Among other things, this study line offers the following subjects:

  • Business models and value creation
  • Needs and opportunities
  • Co-operation and planning
  • Creativity and idea generation
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Trends and topicality
  • Societal challenges

The teaching takes current and real-life problems as baseline cases and is problem-oriented. Case studies will be included in order to discuss theory, and you will be working both individually and in groups. You will draw up an exam project in the form of a business plan or a project implementation.