Social Science A

Social Science A provides a coherent understanding of current societal problems in Denmark as well as internationally.

In the study line Social Science A you will gain a theoretical and methodical background knowledge enabling you to examine and explain societal problems. Among other issues, you will learn to compare and explain connections of societal changes and changes of social and cultural patterns.

You will learn how to examine a.o. processes of power and political opinion formation or examine and compare societies at different economical stages of development, and furthermore, you will learn to take a critical stance at examinations performed by others.

Moreover, you will be skilled at making minor empirical studies based a.o. on existing and personal calculations, tables and models, and you will be able to express yourself on a subject in a structured way, in written as well as orally.

This study line offers a.o. the following range of subjects:

  • Sociology, including for instance mass media and political creation of opinion, cultural patterns, social mobility and social anchoring
  • Politics, including for instance political basic values, dividing lines and electoral behavior, the importance of the legal system, and various types of political systems
  • Economics, including for instance the principle of the greatest happiness of the greatest number, financial control principles and macroeconomic connections
  • Methods, including qualitative and quantitative methods and statistic goals

The lectures primarily comprise project or subject implementation processes and include written assignments of increasing degrees of difficulty.

Social Science A involves a good deal of written work.

You will be working with information technology, also as a tool for empirical studies.


The exam consists of a written and an oral examination.

The duration of the written examination is 6 hours. At the beginning of the examination, the assignment formulation alone is distributed. Depending on whether the school has allowed for the preparatory work to be done in groups, the student can choose to carry out the preparation either in groups of three to the maximum or individually. After 40 minutes, the supporting appendices are distributed. During the remaining five hours and 20 minutes, individual essays are worked out using insights, concepts, theories and methods related to social science.

The school can choose between two types of oral examination:

  1. An examination following 24 hours of preparation. A synopsis is prepared based on distributed unknown appendices relating to subjects already gone through. The duration of the examination is approx. 30 minutes.
  2. An examination following approx. 1 hour of preparation, based on an assignment comprising unknown problem-oriented issues. The duration of the examination is approx. 30 minutes.