Tidligere (global) elev skriver bog om global udvikling


Lærerne er pavestolte i disse dage. For tidligere elev, Astrid Melchior Olesen, har skrevet et kapitel om internationale organisationer i den netop udkomne bog “Global Udvikling”.



Herunder skriver lærerne fra de globale studieretninger om Astrid, bogen – og på engelsk selvfølgelig:


Former RG Global student, Astrid Melchior Olesen, has co-written a brand new book released on Columbus on “Global Udvikling” (Global Change & Development) and had invited her former teachers to take part in the book release at the UN City in Copenhagen on Wedenesday afternoon. Astrid has written chapter 7 on International Organizations and global change & development work.

Mr Mogens Løkketoft and Professor, Dr. Ha-Joon Chang presented and debated the new book which they both found was spot on for the current political discussions and High School youth. They praised the fact that all the authors were young people who had taken a keen interest in a variety of global issues.

Astrid Melchior Olesen was one of the very first global studens at Rungsted Gymnasium who graduated back in 2012. Since then she has studied her BA in Business and Politics at CBS – worked in India, Kenya and for UN and last week she graduated in Paris with a MA in Global Developmental Politics.

We congratulate Astrid on all her achievements and merits and we look forward to welcoming her in August when she has promised to swing by Rungsted Gymnasium to present her new book and give a talk to our Global Students.

/Jeanna & Inger