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About Rungsted Gymnasium

Rungsted Gymnasium is a school north of Copenhagen, situated in a green area near the ocean. Its closest neighbor is Rungsted, a town with a population of ‎6,453 people. The local area mainly consists of affluent families, but the school attracts students from a large area and diverse backgrounds. Rungsted Gymnasium was first established in 1900 as a boarding school, but now functions solely as an upper secondary school.

In Denmark, students attend mandatory primary and lower secondary education from Year 0 to Year 10, which means that the upper secondary education offered at Rungsted Gymnasium is voluntary and targets students who wish to pursue higher education after graduating. The total number of students is currently 777 in the age group of 16 to 18 years.

Being global is a core value at Rungsted Gymnasium. Lessons often revolve around global issues through our contacts with organizations and partner schools in e.g. India. Each year a group of select students are offered an exchange stay through our RG abroad program at schools across the globe in England, Germany, Spain, France, the USA, China, Japan and New Zealand.

Rungsted Gymnasium is also proud to be the only Danish upper secondary school that offers three bilingual courses where several subjects such as Social Science, Business Studies and Chemistry are taught in English.


Jeanna Alfsdotter (ja), ja@rungsted-gym.dk


Stadionallé 14
2960 Rungsted Kyst
Tlf. 4586 3311